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Wheatley Farms has plants and handmade arrangements with flowers fresh from our greenhouse, located on our 20-acre farm on Wheatley Road in Brookville.  We offer fresh, seasonal, locally-grown vegetables too! 
Email or call us to place a custom order for any occasion (birthday, get well, holiday, anniversary, sympathy), schedule a virtual design consultation, or schedule a visit to browse all of our Greenhouse offerings.
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Begonia Red

It’s Spring! For beautiful foliage and a constant display of color throughout the summer season, grow begonias. Most begonias grow well in partial shade with moist, well-drained soil. Plants should be placed 12 “ apart for the best effect in the garden and somewhat closer in containers. Begonias look best when used in mass.48 Plants Per Flat


Gazinia Mix image


An invigorating addition to any garden, patio, or tabletop location. Sturdy, compact, annual plants grow 8-10″ high, 6-8″ wide. Nice heat and drought resistance.

48 Plants Per Flat


Zonal Geraniums - Purple & Strawberry Sizzle

Zonal Geraniums - Purple & Strawberry Sizzle

A colorful plant that thrives in full sun, is drought tolerant, and grows in spring, Summer and Autumn. A standout in landscapes, large pots and baskets.

4.5″ Pot




Italian Basil

italian basil

Italian Basil in an easy-to-care for herb used in cuisines worldwide.

4.5″ Pot 


Gumphrenia purple

Gumphrenia Purple

Purple Gomphrena is a cheery clover look-alike that for centuries has graced classic cutting gardens. With pink, purple, or white gumball flowers, globe amaranth has a reliable marathon bloom time (from early summer until the first hard frost). Grows best in full sun. 48 Plants Per Flat.


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Order online or by phone and
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Order online or by phone and pick up in person.

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